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  • CloudCoded: ZoneManager DatasheetCloudCoded: ZoneManager Datasheet
    ZoneManager is a cloud based WLAN controller removing the need for traditional onsite wireless controllers. The solution is fully versatile providing enterprise grade features, such as location based services, advanced guest management and superior network analytics.
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  • CloudCoded: GuestManager DatasheetCloudCoded: GuestManager Datasheet
    GuestManager is about more than just providing Internet access, it’s an opportunity for your visitors to engage with your brand.
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  • CloudCoded: LocationManager DatasheetCloudCoded: LocationManager Datasheet
    LocationManager deliver a set of APIs to power a new generation of mobile apps, giving customers “Location Intelligent” features such as the ability to locate users and engage or send them highly targeted messages in any venue enabled with Ruckus Smart WiFi.
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  • CloudCoded: Analytics DatasheetCloudCoded: Analytics Datasheet
    AnalyticsManager transforms traditional network reporting into a vital business tool, collecting, analysing, parsing, presenting, and storing unprecedented amounts of user, traffic, session, and location information.
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  • Ruckus SAMS: Smart Access Management ServiceRuckus SAMS: Smart Access Management Service
    SAMs combines all the requisite components for offering public Wi-Fi access such as WLAN management, social logins, authentication, content controls, advertising options and migrates them to the cloud. This simplifies and speeds the deployment of public Wi-Fi access while reducing cost without compromising features or functionality.
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  • Ruckus SPoT: Smart Positioning TechnologyRuckus SPoT: Smart Positioning Technology
    SPoT™ has a powerful combination of several unique features. It is completely cloud-based – so venues with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi will not need any additional hardware to become “location intelligent”. It is based on Ruckus’ Smart Wi-Fi technology – giving it a high degree of accuracy and performance while remaining cost-effective. Businesses can also tap into a vast ecosystem of application developers and providers of third-party analytics to generate additional value from their investment in SPoT.
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  • Ruckus: Dynamic PSKRuckus: Dynamic PSK
    Wireless security remains a primary concern for enterprises when deploying a WLAN. But securing a WLAN is complex and time consuming. This is a major problem for enterprises with limited IT staff that don’t have the time or expertise to implement robust wireless security. Authentication (i.e., who is the user and what is the device) and encryption (the scrambling of data) are the two primary security issues to be addressed.
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  • SmartCast: Advanced Wi-Fi Quality of Service EngineSmartCast: Advanced Wi-Fi Quality of Service Engine
    Unlike any other 802.11 system, Ruckus SmartCast algorithms automatically schedule and pre-queue traffic in software on a per client basis. This enables more advanced classification and scheduling that can be applied for each client on a per-traffic-class basis. SmartCast is a superset of the IEEE 802.11e/WMM hardware-based queuing standard, ensuring uncompromised performance while remaining standards-compliant.
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  • SmartMesh: Smart Mesh NetworkingSmartMesh: Smart Mesh Networking
    Ruckus Wireless Smart Mesh Networking is a unique, new approach to building high-performance wireless LANs (WLANs). It reduces cumbersome RF planning and costly cable backhaul by lowering the need to run Ethernet wiring to individual ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi access points.
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  • ZoneConnect: Smart Device Provisioning  and SecurityZoneConnect: Smart Device Provisioning and Security
    Patented ruckus technologies combine to streamline the provisioning, authentication, security and troubleshooting of client devices.
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  • 802.11ac: Steps to Gigabit WiFi802.11ac: Steps to Gigabit WiFi
    In the shifting interest away from 11n and towards 11ac (see Figure 1), products and technologies are changing at a frenzied clip, but end-users are overwhelmed by choices and dizzied by marketing spin. Inevitably, many customers are still weighing their upgrade options, asking questions, and attempting to sort through the timelines, technology, and best practices of 11ac migration. The purpose of this paper is to provide insight to those topics.
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  • Beamforming - Using All the Tools You CanBeamforming - Using All the Tools You Can

    User demands on Wi-Fi networks continue to rise quickly across every segment of the industry, and as a direct result, great radio performance matters more than ever. Achieving that high performance is no small challenge in the face of high AP density, high client counts, and interference — requiring the use of every technology tool available to better control and improve radio behaviour in the environment.

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